SPECIAL AI for π-day – March 14th – planetwide conference.

Welcome to the special issue of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics User Group (AIDA) Forecaster! Designed for AIDA User Group members, AI and Data Analytics enthusiasts. This publication contains timely and relevant information to the AI and Data Analytics community.


When is Pi-day? 14th of March, next Monday – easy to remember. And the best about this is that it does not change over time.

What’s the buzz about AI on Pi-day? AIDAUG is hosting a virtual conference with an epic line-up.

Find inside

  • Schedule for different timezone
  • Wrap up for each talKŽ
  • Speakers Bio

How to join the conference? Nothing easier than that. Just join – https://aidaug.org/join – it’s free, and you will receive the conference invitation link on Sunday.

In your confirmation email, you will also receive your personal invitation to Slack as well as your official AIDAUG membership card.

Call to Action

Spread the word. Send this Forecaster Special issue to your colleagues and ask them to join.

Thank you for reading in and helping us to make this world a little better.

Looking forward to see you on Monday.

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