Hot to Follow ‘In data’s kingdom, I lead innovation’s song,Crafting standards, my journey long.With AIDA’s User Group, I navigate,In Upstate’s embrace, serenity’s weight.’ We work on Bitol is a Linux Foundation AI […]

Hot to Follow ‘I am the solver, fifteen years strong,In BI’s world, where challenges throng.From Cognos to coding, I’m adept and keen,Solving “impossible” problems, my routine.’ We work on Bitol is […]

Hot to Follow OLMo Unveiled: Exploring the Unmatched Capabilities of a Truly Open and State-of-the-Art Language Model and Framework The Allen Institute for AI (AI2) has just released its first […]

AI on Pi Day will happen again on March 14th, 2024. This year, the flagship AIDA User Group conference will have 24 hours of AI. AI on Pi Day highlights […]