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  • After our new board of directors was elected, we voted for a president, secretary, and treasurer. Stuart Litel is now the president, Paul Cortellesi is the new secretary, and Jean-Georges Perrin is our new treasurer. More information can be found on our website.
  • On 26th of February Jean-Georges Perrin discusses modern data engineering standards, Bitol, and data architecture with Joe Reis and Matthew Housley. For more information about the event contact us.
  • As of yesterday, we consolidated our weekly and monthly updates and our AIDA Pulse newsletter, under the name AIDA User Group Forecaster.
  • Pi Day! We have a lot of top voices! Currently, we will keep the identities of those involved a secret. We have a series of riddles for you. So you can guess who they are. Here is the second one:

‘In data’s kingdom, I lead innovation’s song,
Crafting standards, my journey long.
With AIDA’s User Group, I navigate,
In Upstate’s embrace, serenity’s weight.’

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Bitol is a Linux Foundation AI & Data Sandbox project licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. As of now, it defines an open standard for data contracts called Open Data Contract Standard.

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