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What generative AI actually is? by Paul Mendelson

Generative AI is a technology that creates new content from text to images and music. It is changing many fields. Paul Mendelson, AIDA User Group Co-founder said that understanding both its capabilities and limitations is important for using it well.

Generative AI uses advanced algorithms to create new content. This capability, shared by various platforms, makes AI a potent tool for creativity and innovation.

Navigating AI Hallucinations

Despite its potential, generative AI often produces content that, while plausible, can be erroneous. This is where AI hallucination comes in. It happens when AI doesn’t understand things properly. Mendelson gave some examples, like AI-generated recipes that suggest dangerous things like ammonia and bleach, and technical instructions that are wrong. These show why we need to check AI outputs.

Real-world Failures

AI has also had some real-world failures. It has made wrong news articles and given bad legal advice. These incidents show the risks of using AI without checking it. Companies that use AI instead of human experts often get bad reviews.

Legal and Ethical Challenges

AI raises legal and ethical questions, especially about copyright and content ownership. As the law changes, using copyrighted material for AI training is a problem. It is hard to know where AI-generated content comes from, which makes it hard to ensure it is used ethically.

Security Problems

AI systems can also be attacked by people who want to find out restricted information. Mendelson said that there are plans to make AI safer, including tools to stop this from happening.

Embracing AI’s Strengths

Despite challenges, AI excels in automation and generating initial drafts. Specific AI models can perform well in their domains, providing assistance in fields like data analysis and creative arts.


Generative AI is a powerful tool with potential, but it must be used with caution. As Paul Mendelson said, we must understand the risks, have strong oversight, and improve security to use AI safely. This lets us use AI to help us while avoiding problems, so it can be a reliable and innovative tool.

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