Jean-Georges Perrin, AIDAUG president, brought this post on LinkedIn to my attention where Félix do Carmo, in a few words, explains how excited he is to be appointed as Surrey Institute AI Fellow.

“Putting people at the heart of AI” is one of the key elements of AIDAUG.

Can’t wait to see a cooperation between AIDAUG and the Institute of Surrey. 

About Félix do Carmo:

Félix holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Porto. He has been engaged in machine learning and translation for years. His LinkedIn posts are full of interesting topics about translation, lost in translation, better translation, and machine translation. Check out Félix on LinkedIn.

About the Surrey Institute:

The new Surrey Institute for people-centered AI will work in partnership with industry, the public sector, government, and national AI organizations to deliver a step-change in AI research, training, and innovation to provide the knowledge and skills required to ensure UK leadership of an inclusive and responsible AI-driven economy.

Join them in this new chapter for Artificial Intelligence – putting people at the heart of AI.

Check out Surrey Website.

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