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  • IBM is hosting a watsonx Day: Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to use watsonx in one of several ways, such as analyzing customer experience, building a virtual assistant, or automating a repetitive task. The grand prize is a pair of Apple AirPods. You can work alone or in teams of up to four people.
  • Jean-Georges Perrin, co-founder of AIDA User Group and chair of Bitol: “I keep track of the talks, conferences, and other speaking engagements I have done since 2004. I just passed 125 engagements. Celebrating 20 years of speaking engagement this month. There are plenty of links on the page and a teaser for the upcoming meetings at”

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Bitol is a Linux Foundation AI & Data Sandbox project licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. As of now, it defines an open standard for data contracts called Open Data Contract Standard.

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