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  • The IBM Techxchange Summit EMEA 2024 took place in Barcelona. It provided customised sessions and learning opportunities for different technical roles, including developers, data scientists, IT architects, operations professionals, cyber security experts, infrastructure architects, and others. This ensured that you stay up-to-date in your field. It was a huge event focused on AI and data with more than 500 sessions. AIDA User Group delivered a lot of super hot topics for you. If you missed it, you can still contact us for on-demand materials.

  • AI on Pi Day will be held on… When? (if you need help figuring out the answer, don’t come). For the 3rd consecutive time, we will be holding AI on Pi Day. This year, as we are in twenty – 24, we will have a 24-hour marathon! Submit your talks! The call for papers (CfP) is open here! Rush, it is not open for very long!

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Bitol is a Linux Foundation AI & Data Sandbox project licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. As of now, it defines an open standard for data contracts called Open Data Contract Standard.

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2 thoughts on “AIDA User Group Weekly: IBM TechXchange Summit EMEA 2024 in Barcelona and AI on Pi Day

  1. Hello,
    I’m Miquel and I wanted to comment as an attendee to several AIDA sessions during the IBM TechXchange here in Barcelona.

    I will explain my background as a way to introduce myself. I started studying system and networking administration after the pandemic ended, and as part of the curriculum I’m currently doing my internship at Amvara Consulting S.L., working hand on hand with Ralf since November.

    I passed three fantastic days here at Barcelona attending the convention. For me, the session that stands on top of every other I attended from the AIDA group members is “Learning through volunteering” where members of the AIDA group provided a light and soft talk about how volunteering can be such a rewarding experience. This session truly inspired me, as I realized you don’t need to be born with the will to help or provide for others. The will to become a volunteer is more like a flame, any little spark can ignite it. Volunteering represents an action, an action that is not motivated by greed nor personal objectives; through it, we manage to unveil the true form of our soul.

    However, all that glitters is not gold. As an apprentice, sometimes I felt overwhelmed. The level required for most talks was quite high, or at least it was for me. At the same time, trying to start a conversation with such renowned and talented people while still being a mere student was difficult for me. This is how I perceived it from my colleagues too. I think that techXchange represents a great opportunity for younger people to learn and fall in love with the tech industry. That is why having some type of mentoring or session for the most inexperienced would have lightened the burden and pressure of being “the smallest fish in the tank.”

    If you arrived here, thanks for reading me!

    Best regards,

  2. At the recent IBM conference I attended, I had the opportunity to participate in several sessions that covered both IBM-specific software and topics related to artificial intelligence. The layout of the sessions was appropriate, addressing a variety of knowledge levels, allowing some participants to find sessions more accessible, while others were more challenging.

    The variety of topics covered in the sessions was notable, ranging from IBM software to advanced artificial intelligence issues. However, a suggestion to improve the experience would be the possibility of classifying the sessions by range of knowledge, making it easier for participants to find those most in line with their level of understanding.

    The best sessions I attended were ‘IBM Cognos Analytics REST API gives Super Power: Building Fast, and Visually Impressive Dashboards’ and ‘Mainframes & The Dark Web session.’ Time flew by in both, as the presenters made an effort to keep the talks engaging and enjoyable.

    In terms of facilities, the catering, game room and demonstration stands were well organized and offered a pleasant space for networking and interaction between attendees. However, to further optimize the experience, improvements could be considered, such as the implementation of headphones to make it easier for speakers to hear in noisy environments, as well as the possibility of providing real-time translation through artificial intelligence to the native language of each participant.

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