The first election of 2024 has started. Please elect the directors of the AIDA User Group. The link is available at the end of the page to registered members.


  • Elections will be open until January 21st, 2024, at noon EST (6 am EST).
  • Use the same email you have used for registering as a member; failure to do so will result in your ballot being disqualified.
  • Please vote only once.
  • Results will be announced on January 22nd, 2024 at 1 pm EST during our Annual General Meeting, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain, during IBM TechXchange.
  • Only members who have registered before December 31st, 2023 are allowed to vote.

The final validation will be manual. As the president, I will run the election, Ralf Roeber has agreed to be the assessor.


Candidates in alphabetical order of their last names.

Heather Cole [incumbent, IBM Champion]

AI and Data Analytics are changing the world. Unfortunately, many clients and organizations don’t know where to start or how to prioritize various initiatives. I believe the secret to success for companies is to align the strategic goals of the organization with the data presented to team members. My goal is to be a voice to help Analytic Professionals get their voice heard.

Paul Cortellesi [incumbent, IBM Champion]

My love of User Communities is something I wish to continue.

Atanas Iliev

Since I became a member of the AIDA User Group, I have felt support that strongly motivates me to pursue my goals in the AI and Data field. The communication with you guys has opened my eyes to what sharing is all about. As an active member of the Board of Directors, I will continue to prioritize sharing. Thank you!

Rikke Jacobsen [incumbent, IBM Champion]

To learn and advocate for AI espaecially within the Business Analytics area.

Naveen Karnam

I have been an IT Architect, Founder and Change maker. Having had humble beginnings in software engineering through a technology internship at Sun Microsystems, I evolved as an Engineer, Architect and opportunity builder in a short (not really short) 16.5 year journey. I currently run a platform called Samyojya connecting innovators to IT expertise with a vision to empower people with “intention” to do focused “innovation”.

Opportunity to deal with the craft and scale for global technology platforms (like eBay, Rakuten and so on) AND working closely with early stage ventures on IT strategy and SDLC brought out the best in me. While interfacing with clientele whether it is from scratch (greenfield use-cases) or iterating, I build the perspective of sustainability within their constraints. So, I feel I have a lot to give and take from AIDA. We need to enable the “Responsible AIDA future”. Filling AIDA gaps – security, explainability, ethics and so on – is imminent in the global context.

Mark Clarence lack [incumbent, IBM Champion]

I live, breathe and use AI. I’m highly motivated to continue the agenda of this group and to make it the preeminent AI user group on the planet.

Stuart Litel [incumbent, IBM Champion]

Founder want to see work continued.

Paul Mendelson [incumbent, IBM Champion]

I want to see it WORK.

Martin Otto [incumbent, IBM Champion]

My goal is to make IBM Analytics solutions better known and to promote and make IBM AI offerings better known.

Pierre-Nicolas Perrin

I am 21 years old, and I work at Capital One in a data/ML team in Cambridge, MA. I graduated with my BS in Computer Science, BS in Mathematics, and Master’s in Computer Science from UNC Chapel Hill in a combined 4 years. My graduate school research focused mainly on 3D computer vision, a field in which I was able to get published even within the short timeframe of my Master’s degree.

I participated in the very first AI on Pi Day, presenting about the impact of data quality in NLP. I then helped organize the 2023 AI on Pi Day with Jean-Georges Perrin.

I want to have a more active role in the organization. My goal for AIDA User Group is to stimulate and catalyze the growth of the organization. I know what the people of my age range want out of user groups. Thanks to my connections, I have a special position to use my large network of young professionals, college students, and beyond to grow this user group and mobilize a previously untapped population of potential members.

Jean-Georges Perrin [incumbent, IBM Champion]

As the current president, my track record includes:

  • Creating an innovative event, AI on Pi Day, which was a success in both 2022 and 2023.
  • Fostering an internationally recognized standard for data contracts in partnership with the Linux Foundation: ODCS, part of the Bitol project.
  • Building a whole new website.

After going through the hoops of co-founding this user group, I would like to pursue the work and mission of this user group as we are entering a growth stage.

I am grateful for your vote and trust.

Ralf Roeber [incumbent, IBM Champion]

Make this world a better place by open-sourcing. Help the world to understand that share is caring and in the means of AI this becomes even more important, as patterns and matching tends to remain closed.

Salomé Valero [IBM Champion]

I am interested in contributing to the leadership of the organization and helping shape its future.

As for my motivation, I am passionate about being a part of the revolution of Data & AI, and I want to play an active role in leadership. By working with the tech community, I hope to help customers, colleagues, and the ecosystem embrace this era of innovation. As Thomas Edison famously said, There is a better way for everything, and I would like to help find the right way and future for the organization.

I am a tenacious technical leader who has developed and delivered award-winning innovative data and AI solutions, creating new business value for customers. I can add diversity to the team, and I am obsessed with developing human-centered innovations in collaboration with the open-source community, industry partners, and public institutions.

Thank you for considering my nomination.

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