Mastering topics with the Feynman technique:

In a world where knowledge is power and learning is a lifelong pursuit, the ability to gain a deep understanding of complex subjects is a valuable skill. With the advent of AI and advanced learning methods, the question often arises, “How can I gain a deep understanding of a subject quickly and effectively?” In this series of articles, we will explore various techniques to facilitate fast and concise learning, all while leveraging the power of large language models.

Today we will continue our learning journey with the famous Feynman technique:

Named after the legendary physicist Richard Feynman, the Feynman Technique is a powerful learning approach that promotes deep understanding. At its core, it can be summarised as follows: Unlock the secrets of deep understanding by teaching a concept as if you were explaining it to a novice. This process reveals gaps in your understanding and paves the way to clarity. We can do that by…

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