A thought-provoking paper by Lorien Pratt, my dear friend Christophe Bisson, and Thierry Warin: “Bringing Advanced Technology to Strategic Decision-Making The Decision Intelligence / Data Science (DI/DS) Integration Framework.” The paper is available free until the end of August through the Elsevier website.

It proposes a methodology and a software architecture that unifies not only human decision makers to technology but to each other and also integrates many disciplines to solve complex problems that could lead to sustainability.

Lorien Pratt

Christophe Bisson

Thierry Warin

Here is part of the abstract.

There is a widespread stated desire amongst both public and private organizations worldwide to
engage in more significant “evidence-based reasoning” and to be more “data-driven.” We argue
that these two goals are proxies for the often-unstated goal of improving the exploration of
possible futures as foresight that could lead to better strategic decisions and improved business
outcomes. From this perspective, data and analytics hold great promise and are necessary—but
not sufficient—for improving strategic decision-making. Something more is needed to realize this
potential. We specify how to fill this gap using an integration framework between technology and
decision-makers, which is especially appropriate in complex and/or volatile environments…

Read the rest on the Elsevier website.

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