World’s first ultra-realistic robot artist kept in prison for 10 days.

Welcome to the fourth issue of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics User Group (AIDA) Forecaster! Designed for AIDA User Group members, AI and Data Analytics enthusiasts, this publication contains timely and relevant information to the AI and Analytics community.


What happened? Since Forecaster Number #3 it seems that only one week has passed. After two years of not traveling, I went crazy and visited six cities on two different continents in 7 days 🙂

My flight itinerary: BCN – MUC – Chicago – Seattle – SFO – SLC – Chicago – MUC – BCN. In seven days.

Unfortunately, I traveled just before Thanksgiving, and the AIDA User Group president, JGP, and I could not match our schedules. So we postponed an in-person meeting to All-Things-Open 2022. Looking forward to this one.

The most important thing about this trip was getting back to meeting people face-to-face. I am certain that human connection can never be replaced by machines.

Parents need only 200 data points to predict the behavior of their children. Just imagine how many data points tech giants have gathered about each of us in the past years.

How about predicting where AI is going in 2022?

How about predicting sales for your newly launched product depending on the weather forecast for the next three quarters? How many data points would you need to provide reliable forecasting?

Review 2021: It’s X-mas time. Time to step back and review what has happened and what will come.

The AIDA newsletter has received extraordinary feedback. In this issue, we are using a new layout and hope that you like it. Still, the content is more important than the layout.

So, call for feedback!! Let us know your thoughts.

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