Martin started his computer career with a CP/M driven Tandy TRS-80. In High-School times he created an AI-computer language (EGAL – Expert System Generating Analytic Language). With this language, he won several prizes in Germany. He then studied brewing science in Weihenstephan (Bavaria) and at the same time founded a consulting company for BI-analyzes for breweries (with Microsoft-Multiplan and SAS).

This was followed by a degree in computer science and business administration. He worked at Cognos for a number of years and then co-founded a Cognos consultancy.

Martin has been on the board of the Cognos User Group DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) for many years.

Martin has been recognized by IBM as an “IBM Champion” several years in a row.

He lives in the south of Germany on Lake Constance and when he’s not at the computer he’s in the garden or plays one of his brass instruments

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